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5 Ways The “Yucky Yona” Will Change Ballroom Dance

Updated: May 26, 2021

1. Facemasks, hand sanitizer and gloves - yes, to keep students and employees safe all will be essential, and offering them will be key in keeping people safe and getting them in the door.

2. Group classes, parties, and studio size. Studios will need to be creative when it comes to hosting their parties; I think I may have the answer to group classes - later in the post I’ll explain. Bigger studios will need to adapt to the drop in percentage of people that will be allowed in one place at a time, but again, dancers are highly creative, and I believe they will learn to adapt.

3. Cleaning the studio is not anything new. However, cleaning in between every interaction will be the new norm. This includes - but not limited to - cleaning in the morning and at night and in between every person to person interaction (meaning between private lessons and anytime a person enters and exits the premises).

4. Enrollment agreements- My disclaimer is that I am not an attorney, however, as a business owner I will be adding a clause waiving medical liability for any illness. The government is trying to add/pass added protection for small businesses that does not make them liable for catching the “Yucky Yona”.

5. Online lessons/classes have been a long time in coming and now everyone has the resources to accommodate lessons online. This will never replace lessons, however, they offer a way for our clients to enjoy our classes in the safety of their own homes.

If you are wondering why I’m using the phrase “Yucky Yona”, it’s because I want my videos to be shown and not banned through the algorithms.

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Music credit to “Lobo Loco” last Bar guests ID 1137

Music credit to “Dance Dance” Psuche

If your interested, theses are all the products i used to film my video.

Cameras- Logitech 720 c270 -

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Green screen-


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