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Not Your Average Dance Story Part 3

If your not caught up Part 1 is right here.

If your not caught up Part 2 is right here.

Irony (As defined by<- “The expression of one's meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.” In the beginning  I was dragging my feet into work hoping to make them more graceful. Going to the studio after a few weeks turned into a drag for sure. It wasn't easy learning to dance by watching the same videos over and over again (Videos similar to the one you're watching now). 

However, I would look forward to a few things each day. Dancing with an amazing Staff, my lunch break at the Thai restaurant or health food store and of course leaving for the evening. Dancing for me was not what I initially imagined it would be. Where was the money, where were the girls, where was the success?? I knew so little but thought I knew everything to be successful. (a common error in thinking made by all dance teachers).  Let’s just say, I was far from being ready.  Like every young person I was over eager and thought success was instantaneous. Luckily for me I had an amazing Mentor who introduced me to patience and a strong work ethic.  That said, patience proved to be more difficult for me than the work!

After only a few months of working hard each day, training (still watching the same videos) going to meetings and trying to absorb everything I could everything appeared to click.  I was finally building connections with the Staff.  I was able to know a little more about each and they got to know me.  Though I can't say they liked me, I really respected everyone and constantly felt inspired just being around them. I would follow them everywhere like a lost puppy.  I can remember being so eager, to take away anything that could help me.  Not everyone was warm, it would continue to take much more time to get some in my corner. Just when I thought I was making great progress news broke there would be a Casting Call for the Broadway show "Hurricane Charlie" slated to hit south west Florida….

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