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4 Easy Steps To Take Dance Lessons Online

As helpless as times are today everyone is looking to stay safe, stay afloat and also stay dancing! (If you’re on sites like this) Our goal is to keep you educated, safe, entertained, and also dancing! Lets get to the point shall we. There is a ton of (dance) content currently which most of us aimlessly click on thinking that it may pertain to us. Most of the time is does not, so here is a great starting point! Step 1: Start with your desired dance by clicking through the menu. Step 2: Choose your desired step; I recommend a step at the beginning of the list as they tend to go in order from beginner to advanced. Step 3: Ask any questions/make suggestions that may pertain to the step, preferably in the forms section. We will be happy to answer promptly either in writing or with a video. Step 4: Join Live classes as these classes will be very general technique pertaining to each dance class as a whole. You will have the chance to interact, ask questions, have questions answered live as our class goes on! I hope these tips help keep you safe and learning throughout this crisis and as always, Keep dancing!

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