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Ballroom Dancing From a Dogs Perspective

Updated: Jul 17, 2018

Join Sterling as he gives you advise on Ballroom Dancing from his perspective as a Studio Dog for over five years. Walk with him as he guides you on your journey through Ballroom Dancing!

Dear Sterling,

My Dance instructor wants me to go to a dance competition, but I'm terrified of competing! What should I do?


Scared to Dance

Dear Chicken,

If you were a dog, I would remind you that dance is about personal growth and that facing your fears makes you a stronger, more successful individual in all aspects of life! Plus it would be the most fun you ever had! But since you're a person, logic probably won't work so we'll take a different approach here ........

We're going to do a mental exercise that will help you overcome your fear of dance competitions. First imagine you're dancing in your first competition and you have a panic attack right on the dance floor in front of everybody! Your muscles lock up because you're terrified and you trip and fall on the floor - landing on your bum! Your teacher then runs away out of embarrassment! As your terror grows, you completely lose control of your muscles so you just flop around on your back like an upside down turtle -  while everyone begins to film you on their phones for FaceBook  posts!  Anyway, that probably won't happen.  Feel better? Works every time.

For those of you currently marveling at my obvious genius - I'm happy to announce that I'll be helping those in need every issue of the Anytime Dance Newsletter. Sadly, I must leave for now. That Scotch isn't gonna drink itself.

P.S.  I'll be running for President in 2020.  I'll be expecting your vote. Unless you're a cat. Cats are too dumb to vote. Thank you.

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