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" Dear Sterling"

Dear Sterling,

I have some female friends telling me I need to take Ballroom dance lessons. I go back and forth on this. It looks fun, but I'm a guy. Isn't dancing for women?

Dear Mr. "I'm dumber than the average rhesus monkey"

NO!!!!!!!!! Women love to Ballroom dance but it's even better for men! 

Take me for example. I currently have a 3 month waiting list for women who want to go out with me. Is it because I'm 2 feet tall and can bench press 3 pounds? Perhaps they're drawn to all the body hair? Could the ladies be lining up to be with me because I like to urinate in public and sniff butts?

Surprisingly the answer is no - women don't seem to consider any of this to be what makes me most attractive. It's all about the dancing. Let's say you don't care that dancing is a great way to be both physically and mentally fit - then do it for the ladies! Women love ballroom dancing, and there's a shortage of men to dance with. So learn to dance and you become instantly popular! Women love men who dance. Add to that some sexy body hair and the confidence to urinate anywhere, and're unstoppable!

I'm not suggesting that men start acting feminine. I have no plans to wear a man bun and I don't get pedicures unless I've been drinking. There's nothing more masculine for a guy than Ballroom dance. It's pretty much the last activity out there where we still get to lead! 

So in should learn to dance and cats are annoying. Thank you.


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