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Five Do's & Don'ts Beginning Ballroom

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

If you're beginning Ballroom Dancing, then this is the article for you! Let's make your first experience as painless and fun as possible! Come see what's going on!

Do -Shop around

It's very clear that shopping is how we save money, so make sure you do your research when looking for a place to start Ballroom Dancing. You will quickly see that aside from the introductory lesson, prices tend to be very comparable across the board. Whether it's a free lesson or an intro that costs a little money, just understand the first lesson just about anywhere will be about the same. It's only designed to introduce you into the world of Ballroom Dancing to get you started.

Don't- Focus on Price

As stated above, the price for Ballroom dance lessons tends to be pretty comparable in areas that you're going to start plus or minus about $5-$10. Ballroom dancing has been around for a long time so there is already going to be an established market. Instead, focus on the personality of the instructor that is teaching. Do you get along, do you comprehend, do they make you feel confident? Studios tend to work together with their clients so as long as your teacher meets this criteria they will most likely get you to your goal.

Do-Take an intro Lesson

This is probably more crucial, regardless of if you want to take group classes or private lessons; definitely take the intro private lesson. You will have a more comprehensive idea of how much easier it is to learn ballroom dancing and a better plan of action with your instructor. Allow your instructor to be your guide into Ballroom Dancing!

Don't- Take lessons at every dance school

As stated above, the intro dance lesson is 95% the same at every dance school so unless you're not clicking with your instructor or do not like the environment, there really is no need to take an introductory lesson at every dance school unless redundancy is what you are looking for.

Do-Let go and have fun

I will assure you that Ballroom Dancing is one of the funnest hobbies you can partake in! Ballroom Dancing includes many challenges physically, mentally, and socially! It's an amazing sight to see a person progress from a beginner dancer to an advanced dancer in a short period of time. Ballroom dancing does not have a time restraint for you to be good, it's more a commitment restraint. The more committed you are in the beginning, the easier it will be to learn later. Most instructors are trained in getting people out of their shells, so the less you fight it, the sooner you'll be having fun!

Don't- Waste your instructors time

When starting dance lessons, understand you are going to want/have to commit time. If you're seriously interested in learning, make sure you're not going on vacation the next day. That way you have the ability to commit to lessons. Your teacher worked very hard for your lesson and in some instances gave their time with out being paid for an introductory lesson. Also, if you're going to start lessons, you should probably start in the area or around the area you reside. Can't imagine living in Florida and trying take lessons in California, Would probably be wasting someones time.

Do- Be Consistent

This is pretty straight forward, the more consistent you are the faster you're going to learn. Ballroom dancing is more muscle memory then you might realize, so you have to consistently move your body corrrectly through the movements. This means take as many private lessons, group classes or dance at socials as often as you feel comfortable.

Don't- Prolong Beginner Lessons

Consistency is most important when taking beginner lessons. It's so common for a person or a couple to come in and say "we want to do this once a week". I hear it all the time; your instructor can not make you come in every day, but they can educate you on what is best. LISTEN TO THEM!!! I can assure you that your instructor is on your side, they want you to get the most for your money! When your in the studio or out in the word they want to be able to say, "I taught them, those are my students." The better you are the better they are, every student is a walking business card for their teacher so trust that they want what's best for you! Don't prolong your beginner lessons!

Do- Patient

Rome was not built overnight, so just understand that it will take time. Whether you're a fast learner or a slow learner you will eventually get to your goal through dedication and hard work.

Don't- Be Afraid to Ask Questions!

This is your dancing! The more questions you ask, the more your teacher can help you. Asking questions will motivate your teacher and make them see that you are generally interested in wanting to be better. There is no such thing as a bad question, so ask away!

I hope you enjoyed a few do's and don'ts of ballroom dancing! Let me know in the comments and don't forget to ask questions! :-)

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