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If You Don't Use It, You Lose IT!

Updated: Aug 18, 2018

What happens if we learn how to dance but don't use it?

Imagine going to the car dealership, buying an expensive sports car, then leaving it parked in the driveway to just sit—rarely moved or run on a highway. Similarly, the average dance student comes into a studio only once a week. To get the most out of your studio session whether it be a private or group lesson, a practice session or attendance of a dance social one must do more than once a week to maintain dance skills. You are “parked in the driveway.” In order to get yourself “ tuned up” and running, a once a week “around the block” studio visit is not enough to perfect your skills. Instead of progressing your dance skills you will find that you are only maintaining what you learn. You are in gear but going nowhere. To rev up those dance skills it is crucial to be consistent. To rev up those dance muscles they need to be used more often. To rev up confidence attend the studio more often. Going to dance socials in addition to a private or group lesson gets you out on the highway of ballroom dancing. What better way to become an improved dancer than to lead or be “steered” by alternate drivers. Dancing with other people is one of the main methods of getting better. By leading or following multiple partners you will be able to feel the different pressures and connections from them. Not everyone leads and follows the same, so the ability to be diverse will enhance your personal ability to lead /follow. The benefit and comfort of attending socials first at your own studio allows you to gain confidence with fellow students and with the dance teachers. Coming to the socials in addition to a lesson gets those dance muscles working. Plus it is a wonderful opportunity to socialize. The dancing community is quite welcoming which makes the new learner feel comfortable. People within the dance community are also patient and understanding. They all have started from the beginning and understand the insecurities of being new. By adding an additional day to your weekly dance learning you will not lose interest or get discouraged. On the contrary, you will feel great! You will add a new circle of fellow dancers and learn and share different venues to go to. You will quickly see that by increasing your weekly dancing your muscle memory will improve. So, take those new dancing muscles out for a spin. Set a goal to gear up an additional day to “drive” or “be driven” around the dance floor. You will find that you will accelerate your progress and find joy on the ballroom highway!

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