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Levels of Dance & Where to go

Where do you go in Ballroom Dancing after a few lessons and you feel like taking on the world?

In a nut-shell, you're probably still a beginner, sorry! Lets talk about the different levels of dance and a brief explanation of lessons (not time) to get there.

Beginner levels of Ballroom usually take the average person 5 to 8 private lessons to complete. Now these are private lessons, this does not count any group classes or practices that you may attend. Beginner levels of dance usually consists of learning 3-6 dances and a few steps in each dance based on how ambitions you might be. A beginner dancer essentially has enough knowledge and experience to be just a little dangerous on the dance floor (don't feel discouraged everyone goes through this step when learning).

Intermediate Level or Social Foundation which ever you prefer in calling it an extended level from where you started. Think of it only as an extension of all the dances you have currently learned and the possibly adding one or two dances again based on ambition. At this level of Ballroom you should be able to move around the floor without hurting anyone. This level of dance usually takes between 12-20 private lessons to complete. You should have slight comprehension of the information being taught however sinse dancing is mostly muscle memory, your body will most likely remember before you do consciously.

Bronze Level Is where people start to deviate, even as a social level of dance it is also a competitive level for dance. Bronze is divided into a few levels on its own usually beginner bronze, intermediate bronze, full bronze and gives access to all dances available in any dance syllabus at your teacher's discretion . At this point in dancing you should have vast comprehension of steps and theory. You should be able to weave in and out of the dance floor with confidence, balance, and grace. Bronze level also opens your experience to dancing bronze choreographed routines. Bronze level usually starts at 30 private lessons for the first level, and can take an excessive amount of lessons based on how much you deviate from your planned program.

Silver Level is still a social dancing level that takes your current steps to another level through expression, control and continuity. Like the Bronze level, Silver is also divided into beginner silver, intermediate silver, full silver. This level starts at 30 private lessons however is also based on your teachers discretion.

Gold Level Is highly advanced but still social dance level. Just like the previous two levels,it is based on beginner gold, intermediate gold, full gold.

Show Cases & Spot Lights are not considered levels of dance but you do either want to be advance to learn one or you can use them as a stepping stone to get better. A Spot Light dance is a short more basic dance in order for you to learn basic choreography to dance on the floor by yourself. A Show Case is more in depth dance that is usually choreographed to a specific song in order to be more showy while you dance on a stage or stage setting. The average number of private lessons required to learn a showcase and spot light starts around 20 private lessons. Mostly depending on the level and purpose of the dance.

Competitions, likewise, is not a level of dance but a way to push and challenge yourself as you enjoy your new hobby. There is no level in which a person can compete, as competitions cater to all levels of dancers from beginner level to gold level. Only compete at your teacher's discretion.

Let us know of any questions in the comments, we hope you enjoyed our explanation of dance levels just keep dancing!

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