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Not Your Average Dance Story Part 1

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

"What's Ballroom dancing?"  That was my response when initially propositioned to be a Dance Instructor attending my first Magic Gathering Tournament.  I had no idea how to respond.  So, I emphatically responded no.  You see, eighteen-year-old me had never danced a step in his life.  To think I could teach dancing was never even a thought in my mind. I was fresh out of high school only looking forward to college and not really thinking beyond the large 10 minutes - not to mention - what my career would be. The idea of dancing, in my mind had not exactly lined up with my sexuality.   So, when first asked to be a Dance Instructor, I wasn't sure if I should be offended by the offer or flattered.  

Fortunately for me, this scenario took place many times during Magic Tournaments.   The guy who asked appears to be straight, from what I could tell, and could only rave insistently about the Opportunity he presented to me. The simple reassurance of his sexuality confirmed that maybe there was a place in the world of dance for straight men allowed me to ponder what would be the harm in at least trying?  I mean, I still had my doubts. However, when I met him at the next tournament, before I could even say anything, he took me aside and asked me to hold out my hand.  When I did he placed a large sum of cash in my hand.  I was paid a lot of money to teach attractive women how to dance every weekend.  From that moment on I was sold. As a straight 18 year-old male - dancing as a career checked all the right boxes.  I clearly liked women, I wanted to make money.  If only I knew what I know now I would never have hesitated.  The impact Ballroom dancing has had on my life is immeasurable. The skills, relationships, struggle, success and betrayals, money and the countless ways Ballroom dancing shaped young me into the person I am now…. was actually a path filled with awesome memories and gratitude. 

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